Weekly Training Timetable

Updated 13 July, 2020. This is our current weekly training timetable. Our dojo follows all the government regulations for ensuring the safety of all our students and instructors to remain COVIDSafe. 

Read through our class descriptions below and choose the classes that best suit your needs. Don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us a call if you have any questions. 

Karate (Kids)

This class is for children 13 years and under. It focuses on teaching karate basics (kihon), coordination, karate skills (such as agility, jumping, balance, concentration etc.) and foundations of kumite. 

Karate (+13 years)

This class is for people over 13 years old. The lesson builds upon and develops karate basics (kihon), coordination, karate skills (such as agility, jumping, balance, concentration etc.) and foundations of kumite. 

On Mondays, the class dedicates the first 45 mins to kihon and body conditioning. The last 30-40 mins will split the class into two groups that will each focus specifically on kumite or kata. This is a good class for those who are interested in developing a strong foundation for kumite and sports karate.

On Wednesdays, the class has a stronger focus on traditional karate and kata. This class is suitable for kyu grades and senior black belts. 

Karate (All ages, all grades)

This class develops karate basics (kihon), coordination, karate skills (such as agility, jumping, balance, conditioning etc.) and foundations of kumite. Tuesday evening’s class is led by Sensei Peter Parasyn (6th Dan). This class is perfect for parents who wish to train with their kids. It is also a great class for Kyu grades to prepare to Become a Black Belt. 


Kumite classes focus on developing students in dojo sparring and sports karate competition (adaptable for beginner to elite). This class is high intensity training. You can expect kumite-specific technical and tactical development, physical and mental competition preparation. This is an excellent class for those who want to develop their fitness and/ or gain skills and confidence in the ring.

There are no age limits and any grade can join. 


Kobudo is training in the weapons system of martial arts. Led by Sensei Peter Wohlfahrt, you will learn kihon, kata and bunkai of traditional weapons like the bō, sai, tonfa and nunchaku.

Black Belt Kata

This class is for Black Belts (shodan-ho and above). This class has a foundation of traditional kata training and is also for those training for competition kata (adaptable for intermediate to elite).