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Miyagi Kan is one of the most respected Karate organisations in Australia and was founded by Hanshi George Barounis, 9th Dan in 1976 after returning from Japan where he trained in the traditional ways of Karate-do.

Training is available for adults and children of all ages. By learning karate, you will not only improve your ability to defend yourself, but through training, you will increase your strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and overall confidence and wellbeing.

Miyagi Kan is a member of the NSW Karate Federation (NSWKF) and Australian Karate Federation (AKF), which are the official recognised governing bodies for karate by the Australian Sports Commission. This means that Miyagi Kan students are able to enter sport karate competitions that are run by the AKF such as the NSW State Championships and National Championships. There are local, national and international competitions held throughout the year, from novice to elite level. Miyagi Kan students consistently excel at all levels of competition.

What do you get with Miyagi Kan Karate?

A Range of Classes

Classes to suit all skill levels from beginners to advanced. Whether you are interested in learning karate’s traditional roots, or joining for health and fitness, or to compete at local and international level, we have a range of classes to suit your needs.

Fully Qualified Instructors

Hanshi George Barounis has been teaching karate for almost 40 years. Hanshi is the President of the NSW Karate Federation and was the the National Coach for Senior Australian Karate team for over 10 years. Miyagi Kan is a member of the International Karate Organisation (IKO) in Japan.

Get Fit and Healthy

Karate is an excellent practice for health, fitness and all-round wellbeing. Our dojo has a family friendly, welcoming atmosphere, with a focus of learning and self-development.

Learn Traditional Karate

The lineage of our teachers can be traced back to the founder of Go-Ju-Ryu Karate-do, Chojun Miyagi to the birthplace of karate, in Okinawa. We believe in developing a solid foundation in kihon (basics) to support wherever your karate journey takes you

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