New South Wales Karate Federation

The NSW Karate Federation Inc is a non profit body consisting of affiliates from different karate styles and organizations. It is affiliated with the World Karate Federation Inc. NSW Karate Federation Inc is currently the only karate body registered and recognised by the Ministry of Sport and Recreation in the state of NSW.

Australian Karate Federation

The Australian Federation was formed in 1970 and the first National team participated in the inaugural World Karate Championships which was held in Japan in that year. From a modest membership in those early years the organisation has constantly grown to the current membership of 123 affiliated styles.

World Karate Federation

The World Karate Federation, or WKF, was formed in 1990 and is the largest international governing body of sport karate with over 130 member countries. It is the only karate organization recognised by the International Olympic Committee and has more than ten million members.

Miyagi Kan Facebook Page

The Miyagi Kan facebook page is the perfect place for all our students and potential students to share their thoughts, ideas and basically hang out.

Miyagi Kan Karate Kids

This Facebook page was created by our New Zealand cousins, check it out and sign up for the latest Miyagi Kan New Zealand news.

Miyagi Kan You Tube Page

You Tube is the perfect place to share video clips of the latest tournaments and general footage of our club and activities. This site is being worked on, so stay tuned for some exciting new footage.

Miyagi Kan Flickr Page

Although we have a number of galleries within the website, flickr is a great place to store all the high resolution images in one spot.

Miyaginess Online WordPress

Check out the Miyaginess Online Wordpress site managed and maintained by our very own Kristina Mah. For the latest news with upcoming tournaments and events, this is the place to be.

Miyagi Kan New Zealand

Our New Zealand based students and non-students alike can visit the dedicated New Zealand Miyagi Kan website maintained by Sensei Craig Nordstrand, 5th Dan and Chief Instructor IKO New Zealand.

International Karate-Do Organization (IKO)

After the independence from the Karate school of the master Gohgen Yamaguchi (Gouryu Karate-do), Master Yamamoto, the director of Kanda Renseikan, opened his own school as "All Japan Karate-Do Association" in front of Ueno station in Taito ward, Tokyo.