At Miyagi Kan, we teach traditional Goju Ryu karate as handed down from the founders. Today, there is a greater emphasis on competition karate, however the traditional vaules hold true. Our instructors have a deep knowledge of karate, and more importantly a real passion for the sport, ensuring that the students are our number one priority.

The Martial arts and Karate in particular is one of the most fascinating physical activities that have been developed in the known world to date. There are many reasons to study karate including:


In our ever increasing society of computers and video games there is a greater need than ever to exercise and prevent ourselves from becoming sedentary "couch potatoes". Karate qualifies as an excellent form of exercise that can be done by people of any age from children all the way through to older adults.

Not all martial arts are suited to all ages, however, Karate with its origins as a means of self defense works well for all people regardless of age or gender. It's foundation is in basic body movements that anyone can learn. There are differences in application that change depending on physical ability or age, but this does not afffect the foundations of karate.


Many parents would be surprised to learn that karate training does not promote violence, quite the opposite in fact. Firstly, there is the mental aspect of karate such as remembering the terminology, learning the different patterns of movement and reacting to a sparring partner. All this requires a high level of attentiveness which in turn encourages and builds discipline.

Secondly, karate teaches techniques that are used to avoid getting into a fighting situation completely, thus preventing a street fight even before it starts.


Karate instructors like any good teachers are always encouraging the student to try harder, move faster or aim your punches better. This kind of teaching breeds a positive attitude and confidence in ones own abilities not only towards karate, but to life in general.