Welcome to Miyagi Kan Goju Ryu Karate

Miyagi Kan is one of the most respected Karate organisations in Australia and was founded by Shihan George Barounis in 1976 after returning from Japan where he trained in the traditional ways of Karate.

Training is available for Men, Women and Children of all ages and will not only improve your ability to defend yourself, but will also help you to increase your flexibility, speed, timing and overall confidence.

Our students compete in all the major Australian and World tournaments, consistently achieving high success rates including:

  • Kristina Mah winning 1st Place at the 20th World Karate Federation Championships in Belgrade in 2010 being only the second Australian to win an individual title.
  • Over 24 medals won at the Australian Karate Federation 2011 Australian Open.

We have 11 clubs in total, including some NSW country and locations in New Zealand.

Miyagi Kan is a member of the NSW Karate Federation and Australian Karate Federation, which are the official recognised governing bodies for karate by the Australian Sports Commission. This means that Miyagi Kan students are able to enter sport karate competitions that are run by the Federation such as the State and National Championships, local, national and international competitions run by accredited karate schools. In fact, Miyagi Kan students consistently excel at all levels of competition from local competitions all the way to the World Karate Championships.

If you are interested in a sport that will challenge your abilities both mentally and physically then Karate may just be the answer you were looking for. Miyagi Kan offers a range of classes to suit all ages and fitness levels and ability. Our instructors are committed to providing only the best training designed to helping our students have fun whilst reaching their full potential.